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The Denver Metro Association of REALTORS® (DMAR), the Voice of Real Estate in the Denver metro area, is a membership-based Guest Post Guidelines The First Pull is the official blog of the National Coffee Association USA . So You Want to Blog for CMI – Blogging Guidelines Thanks for your interest in blogging for Content Marketing Institute! We love connecting with writers who can help us fulfill our mission: advancing the practice of content marketing . Here's a lighthearted look at how ours became what they are 18 Feb 2013 Here are 7 rules you should follow if you plan on accepting guest posts: Rule #1: Authors must have a track record of writing great content. At the same time, it can be smart to write content that’s intended to be published elsewhere too. These will help us to take the best out of you so that you strike a chord with our blog audience and make the most out of this guest blogging opportunity. Rule #3: The content must be detailed and unique. All links will be at our discretion, and dealt in accordance with the white-hat SEO guidelines, such as making the same nofollow. 00 for an article-style or personal essay-style blog (usually longer) General Posts ~ for a standard, relaxed/professional blog style (usually shorter) Please read the WCYR guest blogging guidelines listed below before you submit. Blogging Guidelines JUST ROMANTIC SUSPENSE is a place for authors and readers to unite in their love of the genre. That is partially true as well. / Guest Blogging Guidelines Thanks for showing your interest to contribute on SPEC INDIA’s Blog. Guest blogging is going to be the next big thing in promoting your online business effectively. 10 Keys to Writing Great Guest Blogs. com Thanks for being a contributor to the SplashU or Growth Marketing Conference blog. The Treatment Specialist (TTS) is interested in your professional or personal experiences with addiction or mental health specific topics. guest blogging guidelinesHubSpot has three main blogs: Marketing, Sales, and Service. Thanks for your interest in writing for the Tastebuds blog. Guest Post must be about one of the topics which we have mentioned above. Guest blogging: Back in the day, people used to guest post strictly for SEO purposes. Well, if that sounds like you then you are in luck, as CarRentals. Digital Insider Guest Blogging Guidelines Thank you for your interest in guest blogging for Digital Insider. Share +1 1. 1) Read these guest post guidelines. This post will explore the guest blogging best practice guidelines, and what the reality is like. For another great live example of this, read the guidelines for Pacific Standard Magazine. Beforehand: Guest Blogging The Guidelines We’re totally pumped that so many people want to guest blog on Your Workplace. com is a blog for reading quality content related to WordPress tips, Blogging tips, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tips, Online money earning topics, Google Adsense updates, Social media tips and much more. Typically, we find that the more resource and multimedia rich the blog post is, the more it’s commented on and shared. We are seeking talented writers, passionate about holistic health and nutrition to contribute to Juicing for Health . Readers of A Better Lemonade Stand expect high quality, well-researched, actionable information. Your Keyword “submit an Guest posts are an excellent opportunity to for us to educate our audience on a broader range of topics Write For Us: Mention Guest Blogging Guidelines. Just Click here Guest blogging and submit through free posting. Once you found the guidelines, read them (and I mean read them!). Following your host’s lead is the key to being a good guest at someone’s home, and the same applies to guest blogging. Company, Resources. Guest posts should give the reader as many tips, ideas, links and resources as possible. Guest posting is about publishing and writing article or a blog post on the website that doesn’t belong you. NOTE: If you are looking for information about guest posting on GrowMap, see GrowMap Guest Blogging Guidelines. The Wild Sister blog is open for guest posts! Interested in contributing to the blog? Check out the submission guidelines below: _____ What guest bloggers receive: 1. A blog post should contain a minimum of 4 links – People have written blog posts on almost every topic out there, so instead of regurgitating the same old information, link out Guest Blogging Are you interested in writing awesome articles for InnoArchiTech in order to share your knowledge and expertise with others, while also promoting your personal brand? If the answer is yes, then thank you so much for your interest, and here are some guidelines to help determine if InnoArchiTech is the right fit! Category #6 Blogging Blogs That Accept Guest Posts If you have ever wanted to write for blogs within the blogging theme, this is the list you need! Guest blogging couldn’t be easier with these descriptions, ratings and links to blogs which will actually take your work. Did you know that Writer’s Relief is available for guest blogging or interviews on YOUR blog? Just contact us! Helpful Hints. In mid-2013, John Mueller gave spot on advice about nofollowing links in guest blog posts. Please comply with these guidelines, otherwise we unfortunately will not be able to publish your post. It was established in December 2007 and has seen several iterations before our current marketing resource focus. Guest Blogging Guidelines The Ontario By Bike™ Network is the premier cycle tourism trip planning resource for Ontario. CONTRIBUTE. Your Keyword “suggest a post”. Follow the guest post guidelines. But a little while back, Matt Cutts of Google told the search world that one of their favorite link building tactics were now garbage. Against each blog, I have mentioned its guest blogging guidelines, contact details, its Alexa Rank and Domain Authority (DA). Have an idea for a great guest post? Here’s what you need to know. . You'll learn how to find sites to guest post on, how to write a guest post, and how to get your guest post published. com is the right place that you looking for because we have over 4,000 subscribers and more than 40K+ monthly visits. Sunday, December 23, 2018 Guest blogging - both blogging for other people, and receiving guest bloggers on your own website is a wonderful way to grow and widen your audience. cornett@lifeway. These tips work because I’ve used them myself to write on sites like The Four Hour Workweek blog and Get Rich Slowly, resulting in hundreds of thousands of new readers, tens of thousands of new email subscribers, and thousands of books sold. Guest Blogger Bio in 2-3 lines. The Cat’s Write has the right to refuse publication, to edit any submitted works, and to remove a guest post at any time. Let’s collaborate! I am not offering payment for blogs but your post (plus any social links you want to share) will be pushed out to an audience of over 3. . First I am very thankful to you for landing on this age that means you are surely interested writing Guest post for XtendedView. Write for Us and Guest Blog. Resources to Recover (www. Please let us know If we can send the Valuable article to you for review purpose. This is a detailed guide to writing an effective guest post for high-traffic bloggers. Guest blogging on health and fitness blogs will help you achieve your goals. P. Thank you for visiting the BloggingTips. Guest Blogging Guidelines We're always looking for fresh perspectives and innovative ideas. Tweet 42. Find the partner program that's right for you. For example, if you’re a web designer, you may choose to write about: ‘Showing personality through web design’ ‘What colour choice says about personality’ A Unique Guest Blogging Opportunity in Holistic Health With over 2 million unique views per month, Juicing For Health is a leading health website. Ours have evolved slowly and will no doubt be changed more. Moved Permanently. Here’s how it works: Phase 1: Assimilate – read this page, take a good look around the blog, and sign up for email updates so you don’t miss any new stuff. Giving yourself to blogging means 6-10 hours of blogging work daily – or more – if you are a full time blogger. Blogging, Lifestyle & How-To Websites/Blogs That Accept Guest Posts and Contributions. Guest Blogging for 2014 and Beyond – Here are some guidelines for guest blogging for 2014 and beyond. Who we are. Guidelines for Publicity, Blurbing, Unpublished Work, Retweets, Guest Blogging, Charitable Solicitations, Autographing, Educational Use and School Assignments Whatever receives tens of thousands of daily visits and my Twitter feed receives millions of impressions monthly, and I am a reasonably well-known author and online personality. Rule #6: You need to fully own the Interested in writing content for GenieBelt? If you have some cool content ideas – feel free to send your drafts to us. If you would like to contribute your expertise, experience and knowledge with our community please use the form below to contact us. Guest Blogging on A-List Blogs – How Difficult is it? All popular blogs, a. And now, you have read the article and have understood what is guest blogging? Cool! Hold On tight. Guest posting guidelines – Please contribute. We’re happy for you to choose a subject, but it must relate back to personality or Character Type in a practical way. Guest Blogging Guidelines at Dear Blogger DearBlogger. Started in 2011, All Blogging Tips is fastest growing and active blog, visited daily by thousands of bloggers. Each blog has different guest posting guidelines, so please visit their individual pages below to 9 Mar 2015 Guest post guidelines are your first line of defense against irrelevant or poorly written content. Guest post guidelines. With the aim to contribute solid and valuable content to our customers and readers, we raise a high-standard set of requirements for posts on our blog. New Bedford Guide’s Guest Blogging Program Guidelines Articles should NOT be about your business, but should be written as a subject matter expert in your field. Let’s cover the basics of how to get it done. Guest Blog Guidelines. Please, insert as subject “Guest Post Inquiry – Title of your suggested post”. I will know because: I have decided to start accepting random pitches for guest posts on this site. Read these style and submissions guidelines before beginning your blog or reaching out to us. There are two categories for guest blogs: Paid Posts ~ $50. The following These guidelines are updated regularly. Guest blogging is a method used by the owners of blogs to increase traffic to their sites. I realize the list is long, but it is essential in order to avoid misunderstandings and time-wasting down the road. guest post guidelines site: [URL of the blog] Just like I did below, where I looked for the guest blogging guidelines of ScaryMommy. Each piece of content we produce needs to be high-quality and have a purpose. Minimum of 500 words per article; Unique and high quality content; Have a catching title to your article; Images have to include the source; Author Biography #2 Why High Quality Content For Guest Blogging. Obviously, if your pitch or post is really just an advertisement for your own blog or product, I will reject it. Remember they be guidelines (as croaked in her best The Guest Blogging best practice - thoughts around getting the most from your guest bloggers from UK blogger Sarah Arrow. Before you submit, do a search on our blog to see if we’ve covered your topic before. ACHS graduates, students, faculty, and staff are invited to submit blog posts for the ACHS blog. Write for Us: Guest Blogging Guidelines We truly appreciate your interest in guest blogging partnership with Invoicebus. Guest Post Guidelines I get many emails from people who want to know if I accept guest posts on CenayNailor. Guest blogging guidelines for The Forward Observer, Artillery's blog of marketing tips, tactics, trends and tools for B2B marketers. When you send your submission, please make it clear that you have agreed to and are following our guidelines: 1. #1 Article Guidelines. We are pleased to announce guest blogging opportunities. A Guest Posting Service That Delivers. WHY I ACCEPT GUEST POSTS. We welcome all writers, professional and amateur, to contribute your thoughts on this discussion. It's a good idea to have guest blogging applicants send you a few Mar 9, 2015 Guest post guidelines are your first line of defense against irrelevant or poorly written content. Each blog has different guest posting guidelines, so please visit their individual pages below to Feb 18, 2013 What other rules should you follow if you want to accept guest posts? . by Elna Cain — Get updates of new posts here. The guidelines have more detailed information, so please read them carefully. Guidelines for GUEST BLOGGING. If you are looking for advice on crafting guest post guidelines for your blog then there is little to find. If that is what you’re interested in, please contact us for more information, as we have a different set of guidelines for Guest Blogging Guidelines – Free Guest Post Guest blog post submission process is extremely simple and as long as you follow these guidelines, almost guaranteed: Relevant Content – to maximize the benefits of your article it has to be on one of the topics covered on this blog to ensure good response. The benefits of guest blogging are long established and undeniable. Register and follow the guest post submission guidelines before submitting an article Guest Blog Posts are Always Welcome. On the other hand, you may need to contact the content marketing manager directly. We like to go in-depth on our topics. Culinary website archive already contains 1,029,378 recipes and it is still growing. Here are a few simple steps you need to take to write a guest blog post for Aha!NOW. We welcome guest blog posts on a range of topics relevant to the coffee industry, both from organizations and individuals. Here are a few things to keep in mind before submitting a topic or an article. You can share stories, testimonies, or write about family, relationship, culture, or your struggles and how you deal with them from a Biblical perspective, or almost anything dealing with faith. We are thrilled that you would like to write a post on our blog! Just a few things to consider to help you write an impactful post. If you would like to share your expertise with a large audience from beginner to experienced practitioners, we’d love to hear from you. If you’d like to By opening guest blogging on this site, I want to make it clear that I am not interested in accepting paid link requests, link exchanges, advertising-type posts or paid reviews. HubSpot Connect Partners get blogging privileges on HubSpot's world class marketing blog. And all would-be guest bloggers have to navigate them. We're always looking for guest bloggers to contribute relevant, thought-provoking and HubSpot has three main blogs: Marketing, Sales, and Service. This bio will appear at the end of the post and should be provided along with the post (especially with your first free guest post) for guest blogging. How To Get Started With Guest Blogging: Audience Growth Tips That Work. Your article should be unique, interesting and informational. How to Create Guest Post Guidelines for Your Blog- This is a really great and highly informative blog that discusses the hows and whys of writing a guest blog. Be connected in some way to the theme of sharing the Gospel Elna Cain used a guest blogging strategy to make a full time income from freelance writing. But there’s a unique golden rule for guest bloggers: Read the guidelines. Thank you for your interest in guest blogging for SUCCESS agency. One of the most sought after benefits of guest blogging is the traffic it delivers to writers' websites, from the blog posts published. Exposure to an expansive and global audience of wild women. Reach HubSpot users with actionable, high-quality content. This year, I discovered two things about blogging I wish I knew a year ago. Latest update: June 24, 2018. Remember, if your site keyword “guest post guidelines” These searches should lead you to a blog’s guest post guidelines page, guest post submission page, or actual guest posts by other writers. 1. We are looking for experienced bloggers and writers with a knowledge and passion for Small Business tips to write for Business Gross Blog. Guest Blogger Guidelines. Therefore, we’ve put together a little guide for upcoming guest authors. Guest Blogging Guidelines Bloggers Passion. Guest posts on Dear Blogger should solve real problems we bloggers face. Gail Gardner is the founder of GrowMap. Write great and useful content, share the exponential knowledge you have with the world. Would you consider a guest post from a contributor who does not have a travel blog? I blog about art and translation, both of which have included travel related topics, on two different blogs. Each service has different guidelines for both guests and the blogs that can bid on posts. Traveling Nine to Fiver is now accepting submissions for guest posts. by ernests1 Nov 28, 2012 - 8:39 AM CST. Guest Blogging. What's Acceptable! Provide the readers something valuable. Business managers/leaders/CEOs who want to grow their business and who want to transform and unify their organization's sales and marketing activities for faster and more profitable growth. com accepts high quality, EDUCATIONAL exclusive articles only – those which are not published elsewhere online. She is a Small Business Marketing Strategist she mentors small businesses, bloggers, and freelancers. You are not required to blog about Romantic Suspense, but remember that it is the context of this site. How to Guest Post on Dear Blogger. This is typically the meatiest part of guest post guidelines, and it covers a lot of the practical things a writer would need to know about contributing to your site, including: Great post, Neil! I recently added a page to my blog that lists my guest blogging guidelines, and it’s easily findable via the top navigation. When submitting articles, please follow these guest blogging guidelines: We only accept “normal” guest posts from actual travel bloggers. When you access our application for the first time we can guarantee that you can start blogging in just a few minutes, the greatest part is that it’s working all the same for all connected websites. Write For Us HealthResource4u is a community blogger where we allow everyone to submitted there Guest article and become part of it. what a great guidelines really this is very useful and write always unique and interesting post this is must for guest blogging, thanks for sharing me Kulwant Nagi 02/03/2013 at 1:09 PM List of Guest Blogging Sites (140+ best sites) Tell the topic, site URL, submission guidelines URL, and something about your audience size. If you would like to write a guest blog for us, please review these guidelines and submit your blog for review to Marissa Katrin Maldonado at marissa@thetreamtentspecialist. Guidelines for Guest Blog Post Exchange – when you send us an idea for a blog post exchange! The subject should relate to disability inclusive education. Please take a minute to look over these guidelines so that we can make the most out of your guest post. People who read my thoughts in Forbes will look at it differently than if they viewed the same content on my own blog. Guest Blogging Guidelines – Want to Blog with Fonteva? June 9, 2017 / 0 Comments / in Blog Guidelines , Blogging , Guest posting / by jfabbri Fonteva regularly collaborates with other websites within the industry to publish high-quality and educational articles. SUCCESS agency Guest Blogging Guidelines Thank you for your interest in guest blogging for SUCCESS agency. After almost a year of blogging once or twice (and sometimes thrice) per week, I continue to post content but want to give others the opportunity to showcase their content on the site as well. We are currently accepting guest posts focusing on destinations not currently featured on the blog ranging from top activities in a city, weekend getaway itineraries, best places to eat, where to stay, and similar topics. CFS welcomes submissions from guest bloggers. Visible Increase in Ranking Our guest posting service will help improce the visibility of your website in competitive keywords. But work is just 1 aspect of being committed to blogging. Finding good websites to blog for Guest Blogger Bio. I reserve the right to add more requirements or details to these guest blogging guidelines so if you pitch me more than once, make sure you revisit this page now and then 😉 It’s a very similar story with guest blogging and guest blogging guidelines. Interested in writing content for GenieBelt? If you have some cool content ideas – feel free to send your drafts to us. We’re excited to work with you! Before completing the form below, please take some time to read the following summary of what we are looking for. I’m sure other Blogging Your Trip; > Write for Us. STANDARDS. Thank you for your interest in becoming a guest blogger for my blog, Corkboard Connections!My followers are mostly upper elementary teachers, but I accept posts from other educators if the content is appropriate for my audience, too. After all, guest-writing for someone else's blog is a surefire way to introduce your brand to a new audience, earn quality Write For Us + Guest Blogging. Reread the guidelines. This is the one with long-term relationships with thousands of webmasters & blog contributors. org) Guidelines for Guest Bloggers. Follow these tips to stay out of trouble with Google (for now). See our Guest posts are an excellent opportunity to for us to educate our audience on a broader range of topics Write For Us: Mention Guest Blogging Guidelines. The HubSpot blogging team reserves the right to edit and adapt your guest blog content as we see fit, and update it in the future for accuracy and comprehensiveness. Guest Post Guidelines; Guest Post Guidelines. Do you want to contribute to Spin Sucks? The Modern Blogging Masterclass; Submission Guidelines. Guest Blogging Guidelines for Heartspoken. Become a blogger for Kuno Creative. If you would, please title your subject line Guest Blogging. If your blog guest post is accepted by our reviewers, we will include a link to your website. without the commitment of submitting regular posts. Take a look and decide for yourself, if you want to We have simple and straightforward guest blogging guidelines for guest authors mentioned below: 650+ words minimum with 100% unique content. Guest bloggers may include links to their website, blog, or social media accounts in the Author Bio. How To Avail The Guest Blog Post Opportunity On Aha!NOW. Through a variety of marketing channels (online, email, social and print), we aim to inspire visitors and residents to explore of Ontario more by bike. Here's what to include and examples of how it's 10 Jan 2018 Guest Blogging Guidelines. But Most guest blogging services are set up to help multi-author blogs attract guest bloggers to their site. We love guest bloggers and submissions, so if you would like to submit a post or talk about what you could write, feel free to email Katie at katie. Prior to submission you agree to be added to our Fearless Parent™ email list (webform on home page) and “like” and follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Most blogs post their guest blogging guidelines on their websites. Rule #5: Don't give out author accounts. If you run a WordPress blog, you probably focus a lot of your efforts on creating quality content for your own site. Here's what to include and examples of how it's Nov 21, 2017 But there's a unique golden rule for guest bloggers: Read the guidelines. Outbrain Team its great to see your blog every time. I respect your time and effort, and this is a good way to ensure neither is wasted. If you have fresh, innovative and quality content related to Technology we are happy to publish it on our platform. Bylines can include one link in the byline (to your website or twitter handle, if you’d like), which will be displayed at the bottom of the post. At this time, we do not accept guest blog submissions from outside the ACHS community. Your submission must be an original article that has not been published elsewhere including your own blog or website. We are helping you to promote your business and reach more users. In exchange, they receive links to their own blogs and an opportunity to promote their own names and blogs in their chosen industries. List of 50+ Quality Blogs That Accept Guest Posts . We’re always looking for fresh, new takes on the fundamentals! But be sure that your article brings something new to the table. 15. Our website searches for recipes from food blogs, this time we are presenting the result of searching for the phrase guest blogging guidelines. We’re open to topic suggestions as we think it works best if the person guest blogging chooses a topic they are interested and have expertise in. Bloomerang accepts article submissions from thought-leaders in the nonprofit sector. Guest Blogging eBook. Guest Blogging Guidelines. These are standards all Bonfire guest blog posts must meet. Guest blogging is a very popular method of creating links. The guest posts nee Guest Blog for Us! The Gospel Blog is a place to explore ideas about fulfilling sharing the Gospel in our world and generation. org is currently accepting guest posts! We’d like to use this page to highlight topics we need covered by you as well as crucial guidelines our Authors must follow. A complete guide to guest blogging in 2018. Here's a list of what we publish from guest contributors: MarketingProfs Guest Blogging. The document has moved here. Guest Blogging – Suggested topics. Guest Blogging Guidelines QuickOnlineTips is a reputed destination for guest blogging on the web. ACHS Guest Blogging Guidelines. All blogs that accept guest posts have some form of guest blogging guidelines. Find a HubSpot-certified marketing agency or sales consultant who can help you grow. Hire an Agency. We’re only interested in working alongside writers who have something interesting to say about their chosen topic, as opposed to writers looking for a backlink. Failure to comply with the guidelines will result in your post being rejected with an advice note. Guest Post Quality Guidelines. Click below to request your copy. If you’re interested, here’s how to do it! General Guidelines. Rule #4: Be picky. Guest Blogger Content Submission Guidelines Guest blogging is a wonderful way to establish yourself as an expert to a large population of readers interested in home architecture, design, décor, and living in the Colorado. Guest Post always welcome ! If you are professional writer and want to post about travel experience, tourist places, travel tips, Guest Blogging Guidelines The Witch Digest has over 22,000 monthly visits , and we’re always looking for more brilliant contributors to join our author ranks. These guidelines include what topics the website prefers to post, topics that are not allowed, and how to submit your post. Guest Blogging Guidelines The TCK Publishing Blog has over 35 ,000 email subscribers and gets more than 341,000 monthly page views , and we’re looking for more awesome writers and bloggers to help educate and inspire our readers. Blogger Webservice has all you need to publish your articles, we made it easy for our bloggers. Share Your Travel Story! In your guest post, we link to the website and social networks of the author on every story we publish so that our readers · Promote CFS events and Plenary sessions. Guest blogging is a great opportunity to gain exposure to our community of millions of readers, but with that privilege comes some expectations. Post Guidelines. Guest Post Guidelines. The Orbit blog is where digital marketers find expert, practical advice on web design and content marketing. Send me your idea or your post via email. Become a Partner. We will also consider posts about ideas and projects that positively impact students with disabilities. Guest Blogger Guidelines From time to time we get inquiries regarding guest blogging at Cerego. Guest blogging on this site is a multi-phase process. We welcome content from medical professionals as well as patients that have experiences they would like to share. S. guest blogging guidelines And fill the required form , BUT Before that please read below to follow our submission guidelines. Some offer direct submission while others require email contact. Blogging Guidelines. Guest blogging offers a host of benefits for bloggers, businesses and entrepreneurs and basically anyone with a blog – it allows you to promote your blog or business to a larger audience, it helps boost your SEO, it boosts your authority and much, much more. However, due to the high level of interest in guest blogging on this site, we do have to outline some parameters. 36 of the Best Places to Guest Blog for Marketers (With Contact Info) – KISSmetrics has the potential to be so valuable and guidelines about guest blogging for Guest Blog Outgoing Link Requirements & Guidelines A bio should only contain 1 or 2 links – either to the author’s website, social media handles, or his/her blog. We're always looking for ways to connect 21 Nov 2017 But there's a unique golden rule for guest bloggers: Read the guidelines. Please follow these guidelines carefully. Guest Blogging Requirements Content and subject. Guest Blogging Opportunities. Guest Blogging Guidelines and Reviews If you would like to submit a guest blog post for consideration we would love to hear from you! Please read these guidelines thoroughly for the best chance of acceptance. Guest Posting Remains An Important Part Of Content Marketing. Guest Posting Guidelines. (Plus, wouldn’t you get tired just hearing from me all the time?) Before you get started on your post, here are some guidelines to help you: YOUR AUDIENCE… is experienced fundraising Connect Partner User Blog Guest Blogging Guidelines. com, and if that is the case, what are the guidelines. Guest blogs and bios should be submitted by email to the analyst who • Guest blogging guidelines – it is nice if a blog clearly states, what it expects from its writers – but some of these guidelines are really not very inviting. we have a best unique content on technical and case study and interview related topics which we would like to publish on your site as a guest post. k. Guest blog posts should be well-written, high-quality original content that reflects the writing style/tone of SHIELD's Blog. Here's a lighthearted look at how ours became what they are Jan 17, 2018 We've received an increasing number of inquiries from marketers about guest blogging on the Outbrain content marketing blog. Read on for our Guest Blogging guidelines. Learn about the guidelines we require to guest blog on topics like inbound marketing, content marketing and more! Guest Blogging Guidelines If you have exceptional blogging skills and would like to share your inbound expertise with them? LineshJose. Guest blogging is one of the best approaches to get backlinks especially when article Guest post guidelines. Here's what you need to know about the guidelines and process. 600-1000 words travel Paris party thailand things to do in london top hostels travel blogging travel tips Here is the ultimate list of popular blogs across different niche’s that accept guest posts. Guest posts should have a 1,000 word minimum and are preferably longer. Guidelines: Guest Blogging tells the rules and requirements for guest blogging on Live Write Thrive. This list is more diversified than others. Write a guest post for I Will Teach You To Be Rich. It can be a paid as well as an unpaid. Trendmut welcomes you to submit your guest post and get featured. Download & print. You’ll find greater success in placing your posts by avoiding these guest blogging mistakes. Guest bloggers offer to write content for other, similar blogs in their industry as guest bloggers. We’ll illustrate this with successful guest blog post examples. I prefer to have exclusive use of your content for two weeks before you post it elsewhere. Would you like to share what you’re learning about blogging and social media? Become a guest contributor to Blogging Bistro. Title: Make sure to include a GUEST BLOGGING GUIDELINES. The guidelines might change with time, but so far this is what I request. Deals is currently accepting guest posts! We are looking forward to hearing about your travel stories and reading your articles. QOT is targeted by guest bloggers to share their tips and tricks, showcase writing skills and attract more guest blogging assignments. Here are some tips that will help you create an amazing, thoughtful article that will be noticed and appreciated by most: Quality. Guidelines for Guest Post. If you wish to be part of this community and want to contribute for healthresource4u. Since adding that page, I’ve received tons of guest blogging requests, and I haven’t been able to accept any of them. I prepared a nicely-formatted copy of our Guest Contributor Guidelines that you can print. If you submit a post with any of these intentions you will not hear from me . If you can write original ideas on the topics / subjects of career, job, employment, business, online money earning, personality development, interview, Resume and other such related subjects then you are welcome as the guest blogger at CareersandMoney. General guidelines Write a article that is useful for someone planning a honeymoon, anniversary trip or romantic weekend trip to a certain location or for someone looking to maintain an amazing relationship. rtor. They haven’t followed the guidelines after all. BloggingDen. A platform where amateurs and experts can share their views and experiences and thereby, help the community as a whole. Welcome to Blogging Den. The ideal Guest blogging requirements for the Hello Charlie Blog Well written, high quality articles that are original and unique (we all know that Google hates duplicate content!) Articles should reflect the writing style of the Hello Charlie blog. Write on trendy topics relating to Digital Marketing, Social Media, Technology, Entrepreneurs, Startups, Small Business, Testing, Designing, etc. If you’ve determined the blog presents a good opportunity for you, it’s time to create your guest blog. The following sites generally cover most topics mentioned in the title, but it’s still worthwhile checking out every blog on a case-by-case basis. Guest Blogging Guidelines Chris-Tia Tgin Donaldson asks Gini Dietrich on the Facebook question of the week, "What are your guidelines for working with guest bloggers? Do you still invite them to write? Do they mainly approach you? Do you require exclusivity for some period of time? . We’re always looking for ways to connect with other companies and future partners. Whether you are an affiliate yourself or someone with an expertise to share, we are more than happy to send you quality traffic in exchange of your time. This is the quality feedback that you can easily acquire through guest blogging. doc file. Yes, knowing the guidelines will help you get your post accepted. Giving Yourself to Blogging Requires a Full Commitment. Know of any prolific guest bloggers in your industry? I noticed in your guest posting guidelines that you mention that you link to travel blogs. Com. 0 Comments Credit: Shutterstock/Everett Collection. Guest Blogging Guidelines Thanks for your interest in writing for the Shareaholic blog! We have high standards for content, which is probably why you’d like to post with us. We’re always happy about interesting Southeast Asia (or generally Asia) related guest posts, as well as helpful general articles about traveling. Home / Guest Blogging Guidelines Tap Dancing Spiders is a growing resource for marketers and social media specialists. Earlier this week, Google released an update to their Webmaster Guidelines mentioning that low-quality guest blogging can result in a website being penalized or de-indexed from Google’s search engine. A-List blogs, receive hundreds of guest post pitches every month, but only a few get the nod. • Guest posts will be published as “Guest” and will include a short introduction. But before you read their rules, actually read their blog. For us to publish your blog post you must first thoroughly read the rest of this page so that you understand the process and the standards of quality we expect. That’s true, I’m only accepting well researched and comprehensive guest posts here on Bloggers Passion. HubSpot reserves the right to include calls-to-action to HubSpot content, including but not limited to email newsletters, ebooks, and other downloadable content. In the commercial era, the best advantage or the most useful feature of guest blogging could be the improvement of your marketing approach and skills. Guest blogging is a tried-and-true strategy to help build backlinks and drive traffic to your website. Our guest blogging service is line with all the guidelines set by search engines. Write a unique peice on your chosen topic between 500 and 1000 words formatted in a word. Please note that sending me a finished post does not guarantee that the post will be accepted. you should read a bit about the site and our submission guidelines. First, you must register as a subscriber to guest blog, then send another email for your username and password. We assume you do indeed like us if you want to guest blog for us. Your Guest Post Should Be Well Written: Editorial Guidelines: Guest Blogging Guidelines . Are you a writer in recovery looking for guest blogging opportunities, or a writer that strives to help others achieve and remain in long-term recovery? Submit guest blog posts to us! We would love to feature your work. Why guest blogging is a smart marketing strategy. See our Thank you for your interest in guest blogging for SUCCESS agency. Our Blog is the perfect place for you to make guest posts on travel related topics. I believe in a spirit of community of competition and helping others grow their blogs (check out my Blogging 101 page)! This is an awesome job and I love sharing what I’ve learned along the way. Sometimes bloggers forget about the simpler ways of going about marketing themselves. Guest blogging is an important part of my content marketing strategy because it establishes me as a thought leader and builds my brand. Guest blogging is a great way to get your message out there and gain visibility. There are no charges/fees for guest blogging. I was reading a Blogpost recently that suggested the Top 10 Reasons why you should start Guest Blogging. See Also: Reviews of Latest Technology & Trends Thank you for your interest in guest blogging! In this blog, I write articles that provide fundraising professionals with the power to PERFORM their work with excellence, LEAD with research, and MAKE A DIFFERENCE. com “Write for Us” page! your interest and if you would like to view a list of sites that do accept guest blogging, Some blogs have a section which offers guidelines for submissions from guest bloggers. Awesome! If you haven’t already done so, please read Become a Guest Blogger first. Guest Blogging Guidelines Raise your profile as a thought leader We’re always on the lookout for top-notch thought leaders and awesome subject-matter experts that want to share their expertise with our members. 45 Shares. But do you have guidelines in place, which make very clear what you expect There is a lot less information, however, about setting guidelines for guest posts. Content Guidelines for Guest Blogging. Stay true to your voice and establish yourself as an expert but show that you're still human Please have a title for your story! • Guest bloggers may choose to be identified by first name, pseudonym, or kept anonymous. Guest blog posting service Guidelines. Guest Blogging Program About LifeOmic LifeOmic is a health software company and creator of a Precision Health Cloud (PHC) platform that drives precision medicine through integration and analysis of any kind of patient data. Tweak Your Biz is a guest blogging site & I deal with a lot of blog posts from guest writers. Below, we provide insight into the quality we expect of our guest contributors. 2 million! Here are a few guidelines: GUEST POST GUIDELINES. No, this is not your standard guest blogging outreach service. #1 Guest Blogging Incentive: Backlinks (Guidelines and Ethics) Ann Smarty August 1, 2011. Submissions must meet SHIELD's blogging team's quality standards in order to get published. Additional Guest Blogging Guidelines So, you’ve decided to guest blog at OurChurch. And Buffer used guest blogging to attract 100,000 customers. Please read the following guidelines before submitting your proposal, and if you have any queries contact us at cfs@fao. I think by mid-2013, a ton of people saw the clear trend towards guest blogging being overused by a bunch of low-quality, spammy sites. Whatever formula they have laid out for guest blogging, make sure you are familiar with it and that you follow it. We expect Guest Bloggers to follow these basic yet important guidelines for Guest Posts. Prolific Guest Bloggers. And when you think you're done, use the Jan 10, 2018 Guest Blogging Guidelines. Guest Blogging Requirements. We have simple and straightforward guest blogging guidelines for guest authors mentioned below: 650+ words minimum with 100% unique content. As you know content is king. Guest Blogging Guidelines This is how to submit guest blog posts for consideration to Astrology Yard's blog. I came to the first conclusion after scoring a few measly views for each post on my blog, during the first 6 Guest Blogging for BusinessGross. Giving yourself to blogging means 2-4 hours of blogging work daily for part time bloggers. Guest Bloggers should include a short biography of no more than 75 words. Here’s how I would recommend starting to write your posts… Get yourself “in the zone” Try to blend useful advice with personal experiences If you’re interested in guest blogging on Wonderful Wanderings, feel free to contact me with an article idea and a link to your website or writing samples. Share 2. com, a popular parenting blog. I love having guest bloggers on What Gives. If you have exceptional writing and/or design skills and would like to share your expertise with people in higher ed, corporate training, or government training programs, we'd love to hear from you. Check 6 golden rules of guest blogging to Promote Your LMS product! Once you have thoroughly reviewed any style guidelines and preferred topics, find an ‘in He went further, and added: "So stick a fork in it: guest blogging is done; it’s just gotten too spammy". Who can guest blog? We will accept guest posts from other bloggers or established online writers. They need answers — fast! So when writing, please keep in mind: What are the main points that a small business owner needs to know? How would you explain this subject to a friend (and not bore them to death)? Make it interesting! Guest Post Guidelines. Blog posts should focus on best practices, case studies or other information that would be viewed as educational to nonprofit professionals and fundraisers. If you’re interested in submitting a guest post for Business Gross, please read on and we’ll let you know what we are looking for and how the process works. com. Quality. Guest Blogging Guidelines Bloggers with expertise in the areas of communications, intelligence and information systems are encouraged to share their insight with the SIGNAL website readership as regular contributors to the SIGNAL blog. org · We consider positive, forward looking articles covering food security and nutrition Thanks for your interest in guest posting on Travel Belles. Submit Guest Post. But before going to write or contacting me please read the following guidelines so that your post is 100% eligible to be posted on this website. All would be guest bloggers have to navigate them. Naturally, if you want to get the maximum benefit from guest blogging, you will need to give back. 4. Guest posting service Do you have an article you want to share with our readers? We’re always looking for posts that provide an unique and useful perspective over real estate, architecture, trends, opportunities, tips and advice on how to {here comes the topic you cover}. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to create and execute a successful guest blogging strategy. But before you decide to submit your guest post here, remember to meet the following guest blogging guidelines: Word Limit: Your guest post should be more than 1800 words plus long at least. It’s easy to believe that this large number of rejections is down to high publishing standards and strict quality guidelines. Guest Blogging has many benefits including guest posting for networking and exposure to guest blogging for greater reach to geo-targeted blog outreach. Us Write for Us We at Blog Godown believe that guest blogging is essential to make this a community blog. Guest Blogging Guidelines Thanks for your interest in collaborating with DipJar! We love teaming up with writers who can help us fulfill our mission: creating top tier educational content. “Guest blogging is dead!” How many times have you heard variations of this statement on marketing blogs and forums? Despite evidence to the contrary, there are still a number of pervasive myths and beliefs about guest blogging, especially when it is used as a link building strategy. Rule #2: Watch outgoing links. com I will consider quality articles that are fresh, original, and appropriate for my blog's theme and fit in one of the key categories (see below). We're always looking for guest bloggers to contribute relevant, thought-provoking and 13 Nov 2018 Your Keyword “guest post courtesy of ”. And we make a unique content for Outbrain. a. Feel free to check them out, share them with friends and comment on this article. In addition, this page includes a bio and headshot of DNL OmniMedia’s main writer. Guest Blogging at CrakRevenue. Boost Your SEO, Traffic, and Conversions With Quality Guest Blogging and Content Marketing! Guest blogging and content marketing works. For example, a yoga instructor could write about his/her favorite locations to do yoga in the morning or a martial arts instructor could write about tips for self defense. By submitting your query you are agreeing to the following terms: Guest bloggers may only submit their own original work that has not been previously published on any other website, forum, chat, or social media network. Articles received with items missing or guidelines not adhered to will not be published. Email your article this way: HowToLearn. I figured that it would be easier to write the guidelines in a page and just refer every one here. We’re always looking for guest bloggers to contribute relevant, thought-provoking and high-quality content. This means Thank you for your interest in guest-blogging for Crozdesk. We are primarily an online travel magazine and we are looking for the following subjects as a priority: This is a list of top health blogs that accept guest posts. Different perspectives enrich the dialogue we’re trying to have around fundraising and philanthropy. The constant guest blogging requests are a problem which fellow blogger Seana Smith summed up recently in an Guidelines for dealing with paid guest post requests. HubSpot User Blog Guest Posting Guidelines. Guest Blog Writing Key #1: Read the Guidelines Be a Guest Blogger. Please fully read these guidelines before submitting a piece to our editorial team. Successful guest contributions are comprehensive, data-driven, and interesting posts that teach our readers something new about the world of business, marketing and sales. This is where you will find all the information you need to prepare your pitch. A lot of the reason our guidelines are what they are is because I’m a particularly fussy Englishman. We have three manufacturing reader personas for our blog, all three of whom are dealing with change:. If you've enjoyed your experience with a writing, blogging or publishing course Read her guest post guidelines and get ready to write from You have blocked notifications from Aol. For Guest Blogging, post should be well-written and must be following our guidelines. Last updated: August 2, 2016. Your Keyword “guest posting guidelines”. And when you think you're done, use the 17 Jan 2018 We've received an increasing number of inquiries from marketers about guest blogging on the Outbrain content marketing blog. We love to maintain a high quality of posts, which is probably why you’d like to post with us! The Tastebuds blog receives hundreds of thousands of visitors each month, with our most popular post reaching over 1 million people in one day. com, please read below. Anything that my readers would benefit from, enjoy, or find useful is perfect for guest blogging on my site. I take care of all the content here, and at the same time I also let Guest Bloggers and write a Guest Blogging Guidelines for Corkboard Connections. I can’t get enough organic traffic just by writing on my blog alone. Orbit Guest Blogging Guidelines As a writer on our blog, we ask that posts provide practical and actionable advice on web marketing and follows our mission . How to Submit a Guest Post: The topics for guest blogging are on the guidelines page. Every guest blogging website has their own guidelines when it comes to posting, and not following them means not having your guest blog being posted. For the first time ever, CrakRevenue opens its doors to guest bloggers around the world. Guest Blogging Requirements While there is no submission length, we do require well-written, quality articles that are related to topics similar to posts that are currently available on the blog. Of course anyone is welcome to submit a guest post, but if you I receive many e-mails asking how to submit a guest post to my Forbes blog, so I decided to write a post with information and guidelines that I could refer people to in the future. Guests Blogging Helps Improve Your Marketing Skills. That is, the information flow tends to favor the person guest posting and not the blog or site accepting the guest post. If you write for, or represent, a company that provides commercial travel services or products, then we will sometimes accept a sponsored guest post. Not all guest posting sites are equal